A welcoming ambience with a unique flavour and genuinely authentic Turkish cuisine.

The Art of Turkish Cuisine

Authentic high-quality Turkish meze and barbecue restaurant near the heart of Greenwich.

At Taksim, we welcome you to experience the delicious grills, dishes and beautiful  ambience with combined flavours from Turkey.

Selected Menu


Cold Starters


Homemade fish pate.

Hummus (v)

Puree chickpeas with tahini, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil.

Cacik (v)

Yogurt, cucumber, garlic, fresh mint and olive oil.

Dolma (v)

Stuffed vine leaves with dill, rice and fresh herbs.

Hot Starters


Turkish pizza topped with mince meat, onion, pepper and tomato.

Soup of the Day

Served with crusty bread.

Halloumi Cheese (v)

Deep fried or grilled

Deep Fry Calamari

Served with tartar sauce

Main Courses

Chicken Kebab

Cubes of chicken marinated in tomato puree, garlic and olive oil, skewered and grilled, served with choice of rice or chips and salad.

Chicken Wings

Chargrilled marinated in our homemade sauce, served with rice or chips and salad.

Lamb Kebab

Lean pieces of English lamb, skewered and grilled on chargrill served with choice of rice or chips and salad.

Adana Kofte

Mince lamb with herbs, red pepper, red onions and parsley, served with a choice of rice or chips and salad.