Hot Starters

Soup of the Day
Served with crusty bread.


Halloumi Cheese (V)
Deep fried or grilled, served with mixed salad and olive oil.


Deep Fry Calamari Rings
Served with tartar sauce and mixed salad. 


Pan Fried Tiger Prawns
In garlic butter and white wine sauce, served with mixed salad.


Sucuk Izgara
Grilled Turkish spicy sausages served with salad.


Lamb Meatball
Deep fried, served with tzatziki and mixed salad.


Falafel (V)
Chickpeas and fava beans, frittered served with hummus.


Sigara Boregi (V)
Filo pastry filled with feta cheese and finely chopped parsley.


Garlic Mushroom (V)
Pan fried mushrooms in tomato and garlic sauce.


Mix Hot Starter
Halloumi, Sucuk, Sigara Boregi, Falafel and Calamari



(V) Vegetarian  (N) Contain Nuts

Traces of nuts may be found in all our dishes. Should you have any special dietary requirements, please inform our staff.